​Deep in the dark corners of the world, an unlikely team of adventurers is in search of something extraordinary. Facing countless obstacles and death at every turn, will our brave seekers surmount all odds and be victorious in their quest, or will they perish alone and forgotten?

It all depends on the choices made by YOU, the audience, along every step of the way. Grab only your most hearty and adventurous friends, some cold adult beverages, and rations for the improvised journey ahead as the GCI cast takes the trail less traveled, or the road most taken...
**Strong Language and Adult Content. Recommended for ages 18+**

Box Office: (585) 232-4382

2017/18 SEASON

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Geva Box Office Hours:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Friday: Noon-8pm
Saturday: Noon-8:30pm
Sunday: Noon–7pm
On non-performance days, the box office closes at 6pm and is closed on Sundays.

​(585) 232-4382

Sep 30  |  1:00pm  | OPEN AUDITIONS

Oct 21  |  10:30pm  | Halloweenprov

Nov 24 & 25  |  8:30pm  | Thanksgridiron FACEOFF!
Dec 31  |  7:30pm & 10:30pm  | New Year's Spectacular
Feb 24   |  10:30pm  |  Improvised Late Night Talk Show

Apr 20 & 21   |  8:30pm | Pick Your Misadventure!


All shows in the Fielding Stage, New Year's shows in the Wilson Stage
Show dates, times, and formats subject to change.

Geva Theatre Center  |  75 Woodbury Blvd. Rochester NY 14607


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April 20 & 21 | 8:30pm

Tickets: $10